5 Tips to promote your Business in 2017

Elevation Construction Network

The new year is a great time to review how your business is performing and find new ways to promote and market your services. At the Elevation Construction Network, we have put together our top tips to help you get more referrals and sales, and give your business a boost this new year.


Find opportunities to get out and meet people working in the same industry as you. One new contact can be all you need to start the chain reaction that will lead to more referrals for your business. People buy from people and will often find it easier to recommend you and your services if they have met you in person. Look out for business groups and networks in your area and try to make a point of attending at least one event each month.



Look for ways of collaborating with businesses working in the same industry as you, but who offer non-competing services. By teaming up with other businesses you can offer prospective clients a more complete service or a ‘one stop shop’. Collaboration allows you to act as a larger company, with other people in your network always with an ear to the ground, listening for opportunities where your services might be needed. Invest some time in arranging one-to-one meetings and remember collaboration is a two way street: always be as willing to help your partner out and be attentive to the sort of work that they may be looking for.


Keep Learning

You should be an expert in your trade and be confident that you are providing an excellent service to customers, who in turn will recommend your service to others. Strive to keep on top of current industry knowledge and make sure that you are up to date with any changes in legislation, safety or regulation. A great way of doing this is to find a network of people who work in a similar environment to you. Find ways to up skill to keep your service competitive and make it more attractive to prospective clients.


Seek Support And Advice

Find a good mentor and avail of mentoring services in your local area. You can get valuable information on how to run your business more efficiently, make more sales and run different aspects of your business including finance, procurement, and personnel. Learn from the best and those that have been there before you and it will always be time very well spent. Mentoring services may be provided by your local enterprise office, but more specific support services for your industry may be found in a group setting or a local business network.


Get Online

The Internet is now a powerful place to do business and opens up new opportunities to both boost the profile of your business online and also make valuable contacts through social media and online groups. Make sure that you have a presence online in some form, be it a website, Facebook page or Twitter profile, and update them regularly. Reach out, interact, build relationships with people and join industry specific groups to stay in touch with colleagues.
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