ECN Testimonial Prokill Ireland South East

Diarmuid Bolger Company:Prokill Ireland South East


We joined Elevation in August 2016. We had been involved in other B2B organizations in the past but didn’t feel we received any benefit from them.
Elevation is different. It focuses around businesses involved with and associated with the building trade. We all have something in common.
We need and use many of the Members of the group and being the only pest control company we find our services are required on a regular basis in return.
One of their key selling points was a full refund of annual Membership fees if you didn’t receive at least the equivalent amount in work from the group during the year.
The Wexford group has developed a very close knit and friendly organization.
I look forward to the meetings and the bit of banter as well as the all-important references for potential work.
It’s a great organization and well worth the year’s Membership fees. I have no difficulty recommending Membership to anyone in or associated with the building trade.