ECN – How it works

ECN – How it works


Regular meetings where Members can connect, share knowledge and receive business support are central to how the Elevation Construction Network works as an excellent resource for construction businesses who want to grow and reach their full potential. Meetings will soon be backed by an online portal that will act as a further tool for construction businesses to connect, collaborate and facilitate B2B and B2C sales.

Processing Application Form

Your application form will be reviewed by a member of ECN staff.
Once your Membership application is accepted, you can attend our meetings. Elevation Construction Network™ Groups meet every two weeks. Meetings are held in the morning between 7.15am and 8.30am, for minimum disruption to your work schedule.

Applying for membership

If you are interested in joining an Elevation Construction Network™ Group in your region, please complete the application form and a Member of our team will be in touch shortly. We only accept Members whose skills are not already represented by an existing Member to ensure that our Members are not competing for business.

Apply Here

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What to expect at an Elevation Construction Network Meeting

Our meetings follow a standard agenda and are designed to encourage and facilitate communication between Members, without placing pressure on Members to produce leads and referrals. Elevation Construction Network™ meetings are designed to be interactive and encourage Members to be proactive in pursuing leads and referrals, and developing connections with other Members.

Generating leads

Generating leads

During the meeting, Members introduce their business and state the type of work they are looking for.
At each meeting an individual Member is invited to present their business in more detail to the group
in a longer presentation, and speakers from the group are also invited to share and present expertise
that would be of benefit to other Members. Leads and referrals are shared between Members,
and meetings are also an opportunity to discuss any challenges or issues facing Members.

Online Portal

Our network will soon be backed by a new innovative online portal that will give Members even more space and flexibility to connect and collaborate between our formal meetings. The online portal will facilitate business to business sales and connect trades to customer jobs, while also acting as a hub for Members to share and keep up to date with current industry knowledge. Our online portal will go live in 2017.